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Recording our EP –Our live acoustic choice and where we recorded

Recording our EP – Our live acoustic choice and where we recorded

Are you familiar with that feeling when you are really interested in something and then all of a sudden life starts throwing information about it at you? For example, you just read something about Celtic music and then two seconds later you are playing in an Irish session. Something like this happened to our cellist Elena and is kind of what happened with recording our EP.

We were getting a pile of nice arrangements ready and talking about recording a demo of a pair of songs because an album seemed too big of a task for the amount of time we had been putting together arrangements and writing our own songs. We also researched recording costs and it could be anywhere from a couple hundred to ten thousand, which is quite a range! But while we were asking around and searching for places to record, a very nice material and concept lined up and all of a sudden, we had a full EP (more about that in our following posts). As well as our music coming together so did the right sound engineer, Timoteo Cabrone, sound engineer and composer. One day the three of us were sitting around discussing methods of putting videos and sound together and the best microphones for recording strings, and the next day we were set to record an album together.

Now that we had our sound engineer and our album content we had to start looking for a place to record. When looking for a location to record we had many factors. First was whether we recorded in a studio or if we recorded in a different space? The reason we considered these two different options was based on what kind of sound we wanted and it came down to:

Studio acoustics vs. live acoustics

Our immediate response was to go towards studio acoustics because you have more control in the sound but you also lose some of the natural reverb and you especially will lose the sound of a larger space. One of our greatest assets is our sound and the interaction between sound and space.

What we chose: Live acoustics

Our sound engineer, Timoteo Carbone, was amazing at capturing both our sound and the sound of the room (contact us if you want his details!). From there we looked at three locations in Rotterdam, City kerk het Steiger, Prinsenkerk and Pilgrim Father’s Church. While het Steiger has one of the best acoustics in Rotterdam it also comes with very poor heating and when we were recording The Netherlands was having a serious cold snap that would have been it impossible to spend hours in the cold space (if you are looking for a space in the warmer months we highly recommend this space!).

As for Prinsenkerk, they have nice acoustics but an extremely slow responding staff which made arranging everything quite a pain and not worth it in the end. Ultimately, we choose Pilgrim’s Church because it has amazing acoustics and heating! Hah! But in seriousness, our first choices were between het Steiger and Pilgrim’s Church and we couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out.

Pilgrim’s church is located in Delfshaven, Rotterdam, the area of Rotterdam that wasn’t bombed during WWII, remaining largely intact and is one of our personal favourite parts of Rotterdam. The church stands a bit askew, leaning forward due to years of being propped up over water, which only furthers its Dutch charm!

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