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Drink Your Tea Love

Today we would like to share with you a video we made for the Valentine´s Day. It´s a nice little waltz from Peter Kennedy´s "Fiddler's Tune Book". Its name is curious, too; it reminds me of the way we drink tea in Russia. Isn't it interesting that many countries have their own tea-drinking traditions?

In Russia, for instance, tea is a social drink, and we use it during conversations we have in our kitchens, which are often one-to-one and are sometimes held for the whole night. You can get into discussing pretty much anything - human behavior, psychology, politics and the very meaning of life. When a friend comes to your house, you could easily drink several liters of tea! Of course, tea is always accompanied by some cookies, cake or other sweets. In some countries, people use beer to socialize but, I guess, we wouldn't go too far if we used vodka for that. 

More than that, you end up learning how your friends like their tea -  adding cold water or boiling like the lava, with or without sugar or milk...

Are there any particular tea-drinking traditions in your country or family?

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